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Hank Sanders’ mother said, “Hank is solid as a rock!” Hank is a rock for Senate District 23.


THE ROCK for Education
  • THE ROCK led efforts that bring hundreds of million dollars more to poor and rural schools.

  • THE ROCK got $15 million for the Black Belt Infrastructure Fund for education.

  • THE ROCK created community service grants for teachers and education personnel.

THE ROCK for Jobs 
  • THE ROCK secured $26 million to locate the State Trooper Training Academy in Senate District 23.

  • THE ROCK brought millions of dollars in matching money in one year alone that recruited 10 new industries to Senate District 23.

  • THE ROCK is bringing tourism to the Black Belt – with Bridge Crossing Jubilee and more.

  • THE ROCK is fighting to create jobs and save rural hospitals through Medicaid expansion.

THE ROCK for Justice
  • THE ROCK has fought for voting rights for more than 50 years.

  • THE ROCK fought the federal government to get more than $2 billion for Black Farmers.

  • THE ROCK stands strong and fights for justice. 

THE ROCK for People
  • THE ROCK helped develop youth leaders through 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement and as Senator.

  • THE ROCK keeps constituents informed with more 1,800 consecutive weekly columns and hosting weekly radio programs.

  • THE ROCK fighting to expand Medicaid to provide health care for 300,000 working Alabamians.


Hank will be a Rock in getting a lottery and gaming in Alabama that will help fund public education and Medicaid expansion and bring jobs to Senate District 23. 


Hank has fought for years to expand Medicaid in Alabama to provide health insurance for 300,000 working Alabamians, create 30,000 new jobs, save lives, and save rural hospitals.

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